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如果是2113电话号码,5261那就读seven, six, eight, five ,four, zero如果是一个4102数字,那就1653读seven hundred and sixty-eight thousand, five hundred and forty书面写的话回可以直接答写成768540

seven hundred and sixty-eight thousand, five hundred and forty.

one million 三个零是thousand,六个零是million,九个零是billion

973 nine hundred and seventy-three3980 three thousand,nine hundred and eighty98721 ninety-eight thousand,seven hundred and twenty-one768540 seven hundred and sixty-eight thousand,five hundred and fort

The Spring Festival is the traditional festival in China.It likes Christmas Day in England which is the most important.When the Spring Festival comes,a lot of people away from their hometowns usually come bake and spend it with their family.They will

Kejie Wang 再看看别人怎么说的.


The Spring Festival is a traditional festival in China, and also is the most important festival in China. During the period of this festival, people don't have to work, and students don't have to go to school. However, to me, the meaning of this big day

This year's school sports meet was held in April.The weather was fine,a perfect day for a sports meet,without a single cloud in the sky.The athletes were pumped up and ready to do their best as they did their warm ups before the competitions.The

首先说为了过圣诞节你做了些什么准备,然后说你和朋友一起度过了圣诞,并且收到了圣诞礼物,最后知道了圣诞老人就是你认识的人. 帮你找了一篇 Chritmas is the day that Jesus Christ was born. people in the world celebrate and worship this

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