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be busy with sth什么意思be busy with sth的意思:忙于做某事。重点词汇:1、busy 英 [ˈbɪzi] 美 [&#712

be busy with sth 是什么意思?be busy with sth: 于某事 ;忙于某事 ;忙于 be very busy with sth: 忙于做某事 希望能帮到你O(∩_∩)O~

be busy doing sth和be busy with sth 的区别是什么?_百度1、be busy doing sth:busy用作形容词的基本意思是“忙的”,通常指人经常或暂时埋头于一项工作,

【bebusywithsth的中文】be busy with sth 忙于某事be busy with(或at,over,about) one's work 忙于工作be busy

be busy with sth 与be busy doing sthbe busy doing sth侧重于动作 sth 是名词哦 do是动词的形式be busy with sth 侧重于状态

be busy with sth的中文答案是:be busy doing sth 意思是:忙于做某事 比如:my father is busy washing the car 爸爸正忙于刷车 be busy in doing

be busy with sth和be busy doing sth各是什么意思,有什么回答:be busy doing sth侧重于动作 be busy with sth 侧重于状态 意思都一样,忙于做某事,可以互换。

be busy with与be busy in二者的意思都是忙于(做)什么具体用法及意思1.be busy with sth例如:I am busy with my homework!2.be busy in

be busy with sth.和be busy doing sth.分别是什么意思_百 be busy with sth.在忙某件事和be busy doing sth在忙着做什么事

be busy with sth 与be busy to do sth的区别意思都一样,忙于做某事,可以互换。be busy with sth和be busy doing sth都是忙于。。事 前者跟名词,后者跟动词 例如be busy

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