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my favourite season is summer. because it is the best time for swimming. i like swimming very much so in summer i often go swimming with my friens in the swimming pool. sometimes we go to the beach and swim in the sea. in summer there is lots

同学,很高兴回答你的问题正确答案如下:My favourite seasonMy favourite season What' more,summer is also very colorful and soundful.birds and cicadas are singing in

第一篇;My favourite season Hello, my dear friends! What's my favourite season? Let me tell you.My favourite season is spring. Spring is a lovely season, I think. There is a garden behind my house. In spring, the trees become green and the

get on one's nerves 刺激抄神经;使人2113不安;惹恼人 令人不安;使某人生气;使人精神紧张 例句筛选1.And can one sack them if they get on one's nerves and start interfering over pay?如果他们惹人烦,并开始干预薪酬,能解雇他们吗

The sunny window lets the human impulse, cicadas like a summer symphony, people fantasy life, elegant, the wise man again appeared in my exam, with a mysterious and asked what he needed. My answer is not wise, but full of emotional. Yes, I


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你好,日期和天气你自己写吧,呵呵 给你十二篇,你自己选择吧.加油! .1 爸爸告诉我今天是奶奶的生日.我马上想到了蛋糕.想到了蛋糕那种又甜又香的美味,谗得我口水直往肚里咽

歌曲名:Cicadas & Gulls歌手:Feist专辑:MetalsCicadas and GullsCicadas and gullsThey scrape on the hullThe land and the seaThey're distant from meI'm in the sky, sky, skyI'm in the skyThoughts are like pearlsWhen flags are unfurledWhen we'

意思:adj. 圆胖的;丰满的 读音:英['tbi]、美['tbi] 副词:chubbily 比较级:chubbier 最高级:chubbiest 名词:chubbiness 例句:1、As a baby, he was chubby and had blonde curls.他小的时候就一副圆胖的样子,有着金色的卷发.2、

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