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pleased 英 [plizd] 美 [plizd] adj. 高兴的;喜欢的;乐意做某事 v. 满意;愿意(please的过去分词形式) [网络短语] pleased 高兴的,欣慰,欣然 pleased with 高兴,满意,很高兴与 PLSD PLEASED 高兴

pleased满意的,高兴的.如I am pleased with you.我对你十分满意.I am pleased to see you.很高兴见到你.

pleased KK: [] DJ: [] a.1. 高兴的,喜欢的;满意的[(+at/about/by/with)][+to-v][+that] I'm very pleased to inform you that your application has been accepted.我非常高兴地通知您,您的申请已被接受.We are very pleased with our new house.我们对我们的新居很满意.Your father has told me of your success, and I am very pleased about it.你父亲告诉我你成功了,对此我很高兴

pleased是高兴的,喜欢的,满意的.比如:I'm pleased to meet you. 我很高兴见到你.

move on1. 离开,动身: after staying a few days in shanghai, he moved on to singapore. 在上海逗留了几天之后,他又启程去新加坡. 2. (命令…)走开,不要停留: we tried to see who had been hurt, but the police told us to move on. 我们想看

Pleased to do sth.表示很高兴去做某事

额 大概是外国人认为看了喜羊羊之后,令人很愉快吧 .谁知道他们怎么想的.灰太狼还是“big big wolf"捏.

高兴的 满意的

pleased [pli:zd]a.高兴的

pleased:1、pleased (with sb/sth) pleased that feeling happy about sth 高兴,满意,愉快2、pleased to do sth happy or willing to do sth 高兴,乐于(做某事)可能没有得意的意思啊

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