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( 1)My mom tell me not play computer games if I don't do my homework.(2 )Teacher tell me do homework by myself( 3)I'm hungry,I tell my sister buy some food for me.(4 )Tom's mother tell him clean the bedroom(5 )Mom tell her help me with my homework.

tell him to go to school quickly 告诉他快去学校

Our teather tell us to finish this work at home.老师让我们在家完成这些作业.

I want to play basketball this afternoon. He told me to come tonight. I didn't tell her to do this. Does he tell her to buy that? 其实英语中有否定转移一说,在外国,人们经常会说I don't think I don't want I think not I want not 照理是可以的 习惯而已

He asks me for his eraser.The detective asks me to tell him what I saw.They give their pocket money to that poor man.Could you please help me clean the house?The police keep this object secret.(最后一个我不知道对不对,原谅)

tell sb sth 是S+V+0+0句型.tell sb to do sth是S+V+O+C句型

It is +adj +to do sth 要看你想否定哪个部分,否定 adj 就用前面的否定do 就用后面的

谓语want sb to do sth 意思为想要某人做某事tell sb to do sth意思为告诉某人做某事这两个词组一般跟在主语后面

he tells me somethinghe tells me something about the parkhe tells me to question the girlhe tells me not to answer her

try to do try/do one\\'s best to do try/do all one can to do do all that is possible to spare no efforts to do make all effors to.

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